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Valentina Reshetar Gattery Rare ColorHello, my name is Valentina.

I have been breeding of thoroughbred British Shorthair rare colors: silver chinchilla ( NS 12 ), Golden chinchilla ( NY 12), silver shaded colorpoint ( NS 11 33 ), Golden ticked colorpoint ( NY 25 33 ), blue shaded ( AS 11 ), Golden shaded ( NY 11 ), black Golden ticked( NY 25 ), blue Golden shaded ( AY 11 ), blue Golden ticked ( AY 25 ), gold points: (NY 11 33), ( NY 25 33 ), ( AY 11 33 ), ( AY 25 33 ).

Cats are listed in the color come with green and blue eyes, different shades of eye color. Learn more about the rare colour and eye colour can be read in the articles on my site in section "Articles"

To breed British Shorthair I began in 2008. Graduated from the feline courses in July 2009.
Registered the kennel in the International Cat Association in July 2011 called Idyll of cats cat club Confetti, Tula, and in may 2013 entered into WCF and registered the nursery called Rare Color in the cat club MIX, Tula. The cattery name means rare color.

Graduates kennel live in new houses, both as Pets, and in other kennels participating in the program of breeding and show career.
All cats of my cattery have a fair valuation, the description of experts. Kittens are registration control at the club and assessed by experts.
All cats live together with family members, walk freely around the house and is fully adapted to life with a man.
Kittens learn to dry and wet food,as this will help the new owners to choose the best diet for pet based on their preferences.
Kittens from a young age get used to walk in the tray with the filling and sharpen claws about scratching.

Advise their customers on emerging issues: food, games kitten, relations with the four-legged pet, sterilization, preparation for the exhibitions, child bearing and how to age pet.

Delivery to other cities is possible by agreement.

Thank you for visiting my website and read what I wrote.


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